Water Conservation in Elk Grove

even by conserving water you will still have a beautiful lawnAs the fastest growing city in the county, Elk Grove has great areas of new residential development with thousands of acres of thirsty green lawns. While your lawn may be the focal point of your front yard, keeping that lawn in good shape during the height of an Elk Grove summer in the middle of a drought may end up draining your pocket book and your conscience.

Fortunately, our team of Elk Grove residential water conservative irrigation specialists are ready to help you with a sprinkler system that will keep your yard green and efficient, all while saving an estimated 8,800 gallons in wasted water per year! If you still rely on your antiquated sprinkler system, or even the end of your garden hose, let our trained and licensed experts conserve your water and keep your lawn lush.

An Investment That Pays For Itself

The average family in Elk Grove is facing a 7% increase in their annual water costs, and this is projected to rise incrementally through 2016. In addition to this, residents have been urged to report overuse of water, and mandated to decrease their water consumption dramatically this year. Let us show you how you can decrease your water use while gaining a more efficient home sprinkler system, so you can maintain your yard while being environmentally conscious. We guarantee that you will save in the long term, and cope with whatever climate you may experience in the years to come.

We Specialize in:

  • one of our techs is testing the soil compositionSprinkler Efficiency
  • Drip Systems and Drip Head Conversion
  • Meter Inspection
  • Water use review
  • Automatic sprinkler shutoff in case of leaks
  • Smart Irrigation Controllers
  • Ground Cover
  • Soil Assessment

If you are experiencing gushing sprinkler heads, leaks, excess runoff, dead or dying ground cover, or a lack of soil penetration, let our Elk Grove sprinkler experts get to work today. If you are interested in a sustainable residential sprinkler system without sacrificing the beauty or value of your home, we are your local specialists.

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