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two Elk Grove Sprinkler Repair team members install a new irrigation lineThere are several indications that a pop up head needs servicing. Obviously a stream of water shooting straight up like a fountain or a large pool forming around a sprinkler head would be a big sign. Some less obvious signs could be irregular heights of lawn growth, browning of lawn areas, wilting flowerbeds or leggy growth on your perennials. If you notice any of these things, calling in a sprinkler repair tech should be your next move.

Our Elk Grove sprinkler repair team is your own call popup head repair and replacement team. When a sprinkler system first goes in, every sprinkler head is expertly placed and adjusted. After a few seasons several things can happen that either cause the head to break or to fail to perform at its peak. Debris can build up on the spray head, get down beneath the riser and even into the solenoid system. This debris can rip the protective covering on the riser and allow water to get in and short out the system. We take great care to clean and repair sprinkler heads when it is cheaper than replacing them (considering heads can cost $30).

Replace Your Pop Up Heads and Save in the Long Run

a pop up head being installedPop up heads have a life expectancy of about 8 to 10 years. If you have an older system, even if it isn't 8 years old yet, you might want to consider changing to an entirely new rotor system. Technology has advanced so much in the last five years that it is now possible to deliver much more precise irrigation to all areas of your yard.

It doesn't matter if you have a sprawling expanse or a tiny French herb garden, there is a pop up head that is right for you. We repair standard rotary heads, micro heads, directional heads and even drip lines.

Call our Elk Grove sprinkler repair team now and get your system running at its peak now!

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